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Hurricane Ian Update - 5/23/23

"Our attorneys at Merlin Law Group have notified our insurance carrier, Heritage, that they now represent our association in the pending Hurricane Ian insurance claim.  In Merlin's letter of representation, they demanded Heritage provide a copy of their documents with respect to their investigation thus far.  In response, Heritage provided a copy of their estimated damages per each building and also advised that they will be issuing  a check in the actual cash value (ACV) amount of $595,621.37, after subtracting deductible, and depreciation.  Our attorneys at Merlin Law Group are in the process of gathering and reviewing the evidence obtained and documented by Triton in order to submit a demand for full payment of our claim .  We anticipate it will take several months for the information to be reviewed, exchanged with Heritage, and then reviewed by Heritage before a meeting can take place to discuss final settlement of the claim.  We will keep you updated as the case progresses." (statement per Merlin Law Group)

Hurricane Ian Update - 

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