Lakeside of Charlotte County

Condominium Association,Inc. 

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Hurricane IRMA Damage Update!  5/6/18

Per information received from Paul Przytulski on May 5th, the following work has been completed on the 12 bldgs. that have had their roofs replaced:

1.  Gutters, downspouts, soffits and fascia have been replaced with NEW product.  The soffits are a heavier gauge, and were attached with 1 3/4" nails rather than stapled, as was the case previously.  These improvements will withstand much heavier winds.

2.  Ridge vents were upgraded to allow for better ventilation of heat buildup in attics.

3.  Any damaged lanai screening, either from "Irma" or roofing work, has also been replaced.

Velocity (genl. contractor) will submit a supplemental claim to our insurance carrier for replacement of damaged roofs, soffits, gutters & downspouts on the remaining 8 units and the clubhouse based on new assessments of damage that appear to be more severe than the initial investigation by engineers.

Work continues on replacing the vinyl fence sections lost during "Irma".  It does not appear that our insurance will cover this loss.

Insulation has been replaced in buildings that have had roofs replaced, as required.  Workers enclosed air handlers with batts of insulation before they blew in loose insulation to ensure that none of the insulation got into the air handlers or condensation pans.  They also cut to size and glued batts on the attic side of the access panels.  Attics are now up to current R-30 code in two story and villa buildings.  During the work, there were no major surprises or problems.  Also, there was no evidence of bats, squirrels, rats, or other critters visiting these attics.